Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrift Store Math Game!

I am getting married in December and I have been stopping by Thrift Stores looking for glassware for the centerpieces.  Every time I go, I feel compelled to look through the games in hopes of finding something cool to repurpose in my classroom.   (I saw this cool idea on pinterest for a make ten game—but haven’t found those materials yet!)

Last night we went to a store in Salt Lake and I happened upon an old BINGO spinner cage.  Instantly I thought “random number generator”.  I looked at the price tag (a steal at $0.75!) and knew I just found a new game for my classroom.

I took it home, cleaned it up a bit and emptied the numbers.  First, I checked to see what numbers were included (being a second and set, and not knowing what numbers a BINGO set includes). I laid them out on a hundred board.  The set has a few missing, but overall it is in great shape!
Here are the supplies:


The game will be played like this:
Each player will have a hundred board and crayon.  They will spin the cage and get a number.  They will color it, put the number in a cup, and spin for another number.


 (Sorry, this picture refuses to rotate!)

Later in the year, I will give them a cube that says “one more”, “one less”, “ten more”. “ten less” on it.  they will roll that before they get a number and color the appropriate answer in.
Happy Wednesday!


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