Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Classroom

Here we go!
I moved classrooms for the first time since our school opened-- six years in the same room!
I am still sad to have moved, but love being closer to my team. 

My walls are full, but I love this idea. So I made it on foam poster board-- so I can move it where I want it :)

My kids keep their "cuddle reading bags" (a.k.a. browsing bags) in these. They are identified by their table.

Leveled readers for "read to self".

The IKEA storage works REALLY well for our "cuddle reading buddies"-- they choose a friend and whisper read to them-- SOOOOO motivating! (And it's a great use of those little stuffed gifts that you get and don't know what to do with!) :)

Birthday Data!

Monkey Job helpers-- these are our "Day Jobs" (line leader, calendar helpers, etc.)

This was our set up for our "Find Your Classroom" event!

Survival kits! :) LOVE these!

Set up for parents to sign in, write down their child's bus, and get a "mint" as a thank you!

 Calendar :)

Behavior chart-- I use the mini clothes pins-- they are awesome! (Sometimes we have them come apart, but it is still worth it to me) :)

Computers and home base!

All ready for them to find their special spot!

Donation board, all ready! (My sister typed them up for me a few years ago-- I am thankful for her every year!)

This is for the first day of school-- play dough out for them to explore with as our friends arrive, questions get answered and bus lists get created. :)

It's real now!

Our welcome board-- thanks for the awesome zebra, Rebecca!

 Question/Concept board-- I love it! So festive!!
Happy first day of school, friends!!

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