Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday Confession...

Okay, confession time.  I am good at many things… remembering and celebrating birthdays is  not one of them. I mark them on the calendar, I plan out half birthdays, I assign a “Star Student” date, and remember to put them in my newsletter.  But I have never been good at giving the children something.  Last summer, during my adventures sucked into the pinterest abyss, I found so many cute ideas for birthdays.  Every time I would think “That is SO cute! But…”

One day I decided that if I had everything made ahead of time, and it was out on display so that the kids helped remind me, maybe I could try it.  So I went back to my pinterest board and found some inspiration.    
I decided to use laffy taffy ropes (instead of giant pixie sticks, or any of the other great treats that are suggested online).  They were a little cheaper (I got them at Sam’s Club) and reading/telling jokes was REALLY motivating to my class last year. (Even my lowest kids would practice reading their laffy taffy wrappers over and over and over so that they could read it to the class.)

I started with some clipart.  I found a balloon and then used one of my DJ Inkers fonts to write “Happy Birthday!”.  I decided to print the words in different colors (instead of the balloons in different colors) because it was easier to read and used less color ink.   I backed it with a matching color of cardstock and taped them onto the taffy ropes.
To create the display jar, I used the container the taffy came in.  I printed a sign “Happy Birthday!” and taped it in.  It was really that easy.

I added a little tissue paper in the bottom so that the ropes could stick out above the rim. 

 I think I will keep a list of my class on the back of the container so I can put a check when they get theirs.  I don’t want to miss anyone!
I love the way it turned out! I am so excited to use this in my classroom this year!!  

Star Student Week:

Here’s the letter that goes home with my students for their special week!


Mark your calendar!  The week of ______________ is your special time to shine!  Let me tell you all about your special week! Please note: you can choose which activities you would like to participate in.
MONDAY- We would like to get to know you better, so please bring a poster all about you!  This poster can include pictures of you and your family, pets, vacations, and favorite things or you are welcome to write about them. You will introduce your poster on this day. We will look at it all week on our spotlight bulletin board!
TUESDAY- If you would like, you may bring in a special show & tell item to share with the class on this day.
WEDNESDAY- Please bring a favorite book from home and Miss Van Maren will read it to the class! 

THURSDAY- In centers, we will write a letter to you to include in your very own special Star Student book!

FRIDAY- You are welcome to bring a Star Student snack to share with the class! (If your birthday is on a different day during the week, you are welcome to bring it on that day instead.)
We can’t wait to spotlight you and get to know you better! If you have any questions, please let me know!
Congratulations on being Star Student!

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