Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily Five Anchor Charts

Daily Five: Anchor Charts

I made these anchor charts for the Daily Five.  I designed them so that the kids will still brainstorm the list, but it will magically be typed up and pretty.  And I will be able to put a mini anchor chart by the materials that they use. 



My use The Daily Five is not exactly what the authors (Gail Boushey and her sister Joan Moser) described in their book.  I have taken their AMAZING ideas and modified them to fit my classroom and the expectations that are in place from my school district.  (For example, we use a basal reading program. Automatically that makes it incredibly difficult to fully implement The Daily Five and teach the basal with fidelity.)

I will go through all of the ways I use D5 throughout the year.  The one part that is significantly important, however, is the training piece.  If you have not read their book, it is literally the BEST teacher book I have ever read.  Your students will learn to be independent and gain confidence in reading and writing.  (Last year was my first year to implement the Daily Five and our librarian was AMAZED by my students’ ability to read independently, without exception. Frankly, I was amazed, too, because they were a squirrely class!  On the last day of school she even came by to thank them and give them a special treat because they were the BEST class she’d had in 15 years in the profession!) 
Seriously, read the book. You won't regret it. 
Here are the anchor charts up close:


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