Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hand Turkey Writing

Turkey writing...

Yes, I know it is June.
But I have been waiting (and hoping) to share this for months! (And I have a minute right now...)

My kids LOVE all things thematic.  In November, they LOVE turkeys!
I have my kids do this as a center.  The supplies are there, they know the guidelines, and away they go!

Step 1- Trace your hand

Step 2- Color. (It works best if they color the turkey before gluing)

Step 3- Take up to (but no more than) 10 feathers.

Step 4- Write about your turkey.

Oh my goodness it is crazy how much I love these!

One other super fun turkey activity we do is make edible turkeys!
We use two fudge-striped cookies (one for the top and one for the back); one cherry cordial; one rolo; 5(ish) candy corn (mine are always whatever is leftover after Halloween!); a candy corn for the beak, one red skittle or M&M  for the waddle, and a lot of chocolate frosting!

My students take them home (too much sugar for school!) but they are so cute, they are hard to eat!!

Hope your are having a wonderful day!!

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