Monday, July 7, 2014

Popcorn Adjectives!

I love popcorn!

When I saw this idea on pinterest, I decided to put a little twist on it and do it with my class.
To introduce adjectives, we discussed our senses.  This is a concept that they explore in kindergarten, so our conversation stayed pretty basic. 
I brought in an air popper.  I had my students raise their hand if they knew what it was-- I was SHOCKED that only 5 did-- that's 5 out of 27 kids! Wow.
Anyway, I had my students gather around and I explained what we were going to do.  We needed to be looking and listening for words that would tell us more, or describe, the popcorn.  I turned it on and we watched. Other than the hum of the popper,  it was silent.  They were so anxious to get started!

We watched the popcorn (and came up with a few words to describe what it looked like), we listened (and came up with a few words), then (this got them very excited!) touched it, and finally we tasted it.  Oh man! The excitement was so thick in the air-- but they were so well behaved!

Then I gave each of them some popcorn kernels on paper (just do a google search and you will find some!) and they chose their favorite adjectives from the list we had created. 

I have had these little popcorn bags in my closet for YEARS-- you know how it goes, someone gives them to you and you are sure they will be great for something--and they were perfect!  I printed a little cover to label the bag.  and gave them half a sheet of construction paper to glue it all onto.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!
Have a wonderful day!!

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