Sunday, August 11, 2013

From Birthday Treats to Star Student Week Treats

So last year (about this time) I made a "Birthday Confession".  I am happy to report that having the b-day treats pre-made, super cute, and on display, really helped.  It was great!

One problem: Not all of my students celebrate birthdays.

And, less signficiant, my kids have "Star Student Weeks" that is USUALLY near their b-day (or half b-day) but sometimes they had to be a random available week. (When 1/3 of your class has a birthday in June or August, you have to make some accommodations). So a "birthday" treat was not necessarily exactly what I wanted...

Hmmm... What to do? What to do?

I changed the "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Star Student Week!" I also changed the bottom part from a Laffy Taffy Ropes (which my kids LOVED last year) to a crazy straw (from Dollar Tree).  Two reasons for the change. #1- I am getting married in December and am trying to save money.  The Laffy Taffy ropes cost about $.25 each- from Sam's Club (in a set of 48). The straws cost about $0.17 each (purchased in sets of 6).  Reason #2- The taffy was great. The kids loved it. But as the year went on, with the taffy sitting near a window, it got hard.  The kids didn't notice but I was disappointed, when I went to give all the extras as a "thank you" to the Sweepers at my school, to find that they were ROCK hard.

The straws idea was modified from one I saw on Pinterest from THINKSHARETEACH.  Check that out here.

I am loving the results! I am using the same container as last year-- just changed it from "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Star Student Week!"  

Have a wonderful day! 

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