Monday, September 23, 2013

BUILD: Week 1

I told a colleague that I would TRY to document my BUILD activities week by week.  I know that it is a ridiculously ambitious goal... but why not give it a shot?  But let's be clear-- I am not promising anything.... :)

We are working on connecting the numeral, word, and picture-- basically all things numbers zero-ten!

B- Buddy Games

Puzzles, match books, and matching cards.  These can be done independently, or with a partner.  There are several kinds-- they do one, clean it up, and do another.  Some pairs choose to "race" and see who can match theirs the fastest-- some work collaboratively.  For this week, I keep it very open-ended. (It's fun to watch them decide--)

U- Using Manipulatives

These were a splurge from Lakeshore-- but my kids LOVE them.  They have to put numbers from 1-30 in order-- working together!

I- Independent Reading

I put all my counting books in this basket for the first part of the year.  These are a few examples :)

L- Learning about Numbers

These are numeral, word, picture dominoes.  We make "Number Monsters"-- touching any matching part, any direction.  (We don't play the traditional rules of "dominoes") :)

D- Doing Math

This is a worksheet we have used for years-- they do both sides.  Again, we are simply working on matching the numeral, word, and picture :)

Obviously these are not super challenging.  We are still teaching behaviors and want the kids to be engaged and busy, but not cognitively demanding-- yet :)

Have a super day!

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