Thursday, October 3, 2013

BUILD: Week 2

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am actually following up the second week... :)  It's almost a miracle.  It's been a crazy week and I wanted to not be doing what I should be... so here I am :) Blogging away!

Here we go! Week 2!
B- Buddy Games
I have my kids build these addition sentences using this Add-A_frog Game from Lakeshore.  (Yes, I consider myself a frugal teacher. Lakeshore games are sometimes out of my price range but this is a GREAT game if you like teaching with 10 Frames. My mom gave it to me when she retired and my kids LOVE it!)


U- Using Manipulatives
It's already time to break out the pattern blocks! 
My pattern block cards are from Scholastic. I bought them with Bonus Points a few years ago. These are "back to school/fall" themed. 

I- Independent Reading/Independent Work
I have my kids work on "math books".  They are from Scholastic's Cut and Paste Mini Books: Math (click to check it out on Amazon).
They are super cool because they are interactive- there is a page that they cut and glue the answers into the books.  The kids LOVE them.  the last page is also a great quick assessment. 
(Disclaimer- they can be challenging to read-- we read them together a few times before I put them in the basket, and then I have my kids work together to figure them out).
This penguin book is all about numbers 1-5.

L- Learning about Numbers
These magnets are awesome. I found them at Dollar Tree (the pans are from Dollar Tree, too.)  It is another opportunity to connect the numeral, word, and picture.  (Can you tell we do that A LOT?!?) :)
 There are also symbols (+  -  =)included so later they can use the same magnets to create their own problems :)

D- Doing Math 

Look familiar? Yeah, it's a very similar task to the last week.  But they love it an it keeps them busy, practicing their numeral, word, and picture connections again. 

Hope you found something useful!  Leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions!
Have a splendid day!
Sarah <3

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