Sunday, October 13, 2013

BUILD: Week 3...

I love when October finally hits.  My kiddos have been in school long enough to know HOW to be in school (my fellow First Grade Teachers know exactly what I mean...) and they are settled and ready to take off!

Here are my BUILD Rotations for this week :)
The photos were being stubborn.  We will see if I can convince them to turn correctly-- sorry if they don't! :)

B-Buddy Games

Teen Numbers are our focus this week.  The first game is from Every Day Counts Partner Games.  It is a matching game that has all different representations of teen numbers. 

The second game is using 10 frame cards. Pull out a 10 card.  Have each player take turns flipping over one more card. (For example, if I flip over an 8, I have to say "8 and 10 are the same as 18." You can play it speed version-- where whoever says it first gets it, or by turns.  They LOVE it!

If you don't have ten frame cards, here for some that I made... they are a MUST have for all k-2 classrooms!!

U-Using Manipulatives

This first game is a subtract 1 game.  I have my kids use their "bead rack" to work on the problems-- although they can do them mentally. 
The second game is a monster number match game.  It is SO stinking cute!  Thanks to the great creator, Grade School Giggles, click here for a copy!
I had my kids build the numbers on their bead rack when they matched them.  Simple but super fun!

 I-Independent Reading/ Independent Work

This is another cut and paste book.  I made this one based off a math poem that I found in a great resource!  It is all about counting sets of 10. When they finish this, if there is time, they can read the math books.

 L-Learning about Numbers


 We learned about doubles facts this week.  This is a game that practices doubles called "Capture the Star".

  Their other game for Learning about Numbers is a game where they pick a number and then write it as a numeral, word, and circle that many.  I altered it from the original creators game, but I love it.  Here is the link to TPT to snag your own set!! (Another shout out to Grade School Giggles for sharing your awesome work on TPT at no cost- I am a HUGE fan!!)

 D-Doing Math

My kids are loving that they can solve an entire page of math facts.  I gave them this Halloween worksheet- they solve the math facts and then color by the code to find a jack-o-lantern. 

Have a SUPER day!


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