Thursday, October 3, 2013

Planning for BUILD....

Is it cold where you are?? I am freezing! I was supposed to go running with my kindergarten teacher buddy but it started snowing :( October 3rd snow is just not my favorite. 
 Sometimes the hardest part of independent work is keeping it organized and doing it in a way that makes you feel less overwhelmed when it is time to "restock" your rotation supplies.

I started pulling different games, worksheets, and other activities and setting them aside as I found them last year.  I would just stick a sticky note on them that would said "For 'B'" or "For 'L'", etc.  That way, when it was time to "refill" the baskets, I had some things pulled that I could choose from.  This year I decided to make my folders a little more formal (and cute) :)  Being my OCD self, they are color coded to match the signs. 

Here is a sneak peek at next week's BUILD activities-- or at least what I have pulled for now.  I may end up changing them... it's hard to tell you.
B- Teen Game (from Every Day Counts Partner Games)
I- Independent Reading
(This is actually a book I made, using a poem for inspiration!)
L- Learning about numbers
(This is a fun game my teammate found on pinterest! If I can find it, I will link it. If you know where it is from, PLEASE leave it in the comment below!) :)

D- Doing Math
I am not convinced that I will keep this in for "D" but we will see.
Obviously I haven't pulled anything for "U" yet-- but at least the other 4 have something that I can fall back on. :)


Here you can see how I have my kids grouped.  I have heterogeneous groupings so that there are mixed levels working together. I find this to be especially important when it comes to reading ability!
I rotate the cards to the right. (When "Red Frogs" are back on the red "B", I know it's time for a new set of activities.)
 The fancy sticky notes are just little reminders to them of WHERE they need to be.  :)

This is just to answer the questions from so many emailers! I have a basket where they turn in all of their BUILD work.  It is separate from all other work so that I can easily check it off at the end of the week. 
Have a terrific night!

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