Thursday, March 27, 2014

100 Days of Fun!

I love the hundredth day of school. 
Okay, I love/hate it. 
It is so-o-o fun, but, let's be honest-- it's organized chaos. 

I think it is important to have some days that are like that-- "organized chaos"-- but it sure does seem like the fall right around the beginning of February.  (Magical Mitten Day, the 100th Day and then Valentine's, usually all fall one week after another!)

This year I wanted to try something different-- so I searched and searched and found many different versions of this idea.  I tweaked it to fit my kiddos and gave it a try.  It was super fun!
Each first grader had "100" and a paper.  Their job was to transform their 100 into something interesting... And, boy, oh, boy, did they EVER!
We put them up in the hall and it was fun to see who figured it out right away and who had to do a double-take. (Our Special Ed teacher figured it out immediately-- one of our kinder teachers took a few times to finally realize what they were!)
My 100 is a smiley face. I made it because I have a 00 and it is like a smile face. Her name is Emily.

My 100 is a monster truck. It is cool.

My 100 is a pirate.  It's name is 100 Pirate Captain.  His ship is on land.

My 100 is a tractor. I like to ride [it on the] weekend.

My 100 is a ladybug.  My 100 is sleeping.

My 100 is a butterfly.  It is up, up, up in the sky!

 My 100 is glasses.  The name is Glassie.

My 100 s an elephant. and he is 9.  His name is Jack.

I make my 100 into a tractor.  It is named Petersen.

My100 is a man.  He has a beard and a mustache. And his eyes are big.
We start our day by making 100th Day hats!  Each student is given 10 strips that they can decorate with 10 things.  (Some years I give them a hundred board-- some years I just give them 10 strips.)
Then they are given the words "It's the 100th Day!" They have to decide what words they want to put on their hat :)
I printed the words "Days of Fun!" and then dye cut 100 and some cute little kids.  That became the backdrop-- super easy, super cheap and they kids LOVE it. Plus, it makes a really fun keepsake!

Some kids like to leave them straight.

Some kids like to make theirs all zig-zaggy! Either way, they are super fun!!
What fun things do you do for the 100th Day??
Happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you for the Give Me Five Game. I plan on using it to teach my first/second graders. I like your site. Have a great marriage also.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! :)
      Enjoy the game!!