Saturday, March 29, 2014

BUILD-- week by week... March

I knew it was an ambitious goal.
And usually ambitious goals motivate me because I love a challenge!
But between getting married and some unexpected medical "fun", I have slacked off.
Sooo sorry!
But I remembered to take photos last week... so here you go!

B- Buddy Games
 For Buddy Games this week, my kids practiced "composing a ten".  They roll the dice, take that many ones. Then their partner rolls the dice, takes that many ones.  (Back and forth until they have ten or more.) When they have 10, the swap their ones for a ten rod.  Then keep playing! 

For my advanced kiddos, I have them play backwards. It is quite a challenge-- perfect for my gifted first graders!

You can download this game here.  (Remember to leave a comment if you download it!!) :)

U- Using Manipulatives

We will begin our plane shapes unit soon-- so I put inn some pattern block cards for my kids to use.  They love them and they differentiated-- so students can chose their own level of difficulty!

I- Independent Reading

As we are finishing up our measurement unit, we are enjoying some books about all kinds of measurement-- length and time.  They LOVE these books!

L- Learning about Numbers


This is their L activity for the week... just a simple color by the code activity. On the back there are some additional problems for if they have time.   

D- Doing Math 
These pages come from our math program.  They have been awesome because my kids are getting really fluent with their addition problems and have now moved on to subtraction problems.  I am not a huge fan of workbooks, but let's be honest. Our kids need to be able to answer a set of math facts. 
Hope this gives you some ideas!!

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  1. Love this idea--along with the extension for more advanced firsties. Thanks for the freebie!