Friday, March 28, 2014

Graphing, Graphing, Graphing!

Hey, Friends!!

I love the First Grade graphing/data core!

In my class, I have my students create a class pictograph each day.  I post a question and leave the papers necessary for their response. So when they come in for math, read the question, pick up the response paper necessary and their "problem of the day" and take it to their desk.  They color/write their response to the question, then come add it to the graph.  Then they do their "problem of the day"! 
(Here's a little tip: I have a volunteer make enough tape circles for my class and just put them on a page protector.  Then I pull that out and stick it next to the graph-- the kids walk up, take the tape circle they need and stick it on the graph.  Easy-peasy!)

Years ago, when I first started teaching, one of my teammates made "graph paper" out of butcher paper and laminated it.  I didn't immediately realize the genius but now am SOOOO thankful to have them. They are prepped so that each year I just pull them out and hang them up!  If you are not good at drawing straight lines, (ahem, like ME!,) trade a favor with someone who is (Thanks, Jean!!). You won't regret it!!

 We create them in our classroom.  We label them, come up with a title and discuss our observations. Then I hang them in the hall.  (The other teachers on my team hang them in the hall-- my kids LOVE comparing them

Our Boy/ Girl Graph

 Our Eye Color Graph

Our Hair Color Graph

 How do you get to school?
The most-fun part is that we sometimes come out and sit in the hall to use the same data in a different way.  For example, our math program has us spend 2 days on pictographs.  Then we spend 2 days on bar graphs. Instead of starting with different data, we take the data from our pictographs and turn it into a bar graph.  The same thing when we get to tally charts. (It allows the kids to connect to the content because they are so motivated by the fact that THEY generated the data!)
(If you download them please leave a comment!) :)
(They use their STAR Books to write on, but a clipboard would also do the trick!)
Our assessment always has a "task" component.  The task this time was to write a question, create a tally chart, ask 10 friend, graph the results and then write a sentence about it.  Whew! That's A LOT for a firstie! But they did SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well! I am one proud math teacher!

What fun things to do you do for graphing??

Happy Friday!!

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